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L’île de la bombe de nouveau, vous lancez votre boumerang dans l oeil d une larve pour qu’elle se mette en boule, vous la soulevez et vous vous dirigez dans le rayon de lumière pour sortir.
Elle ne retombera pas par terre et vous la traverserez du coup.

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8 commentaire(s)


Ecrit par Douglas le 14/12/2015 à 02h45
This is a definite "feel-good" site. In a world so inselany focused on only young people, this blog sets that imbalance right somewhat. What a delight to partake of this beautifully and creatively dressed woman - and then share her life philosophy - thanks again for cheering me up! [url=]euhbezdbmkz[/url] [link=]kadhjb[/link]


Ecrit par Juan le 12/12/2015 à 07h59
very kewl. I guess this makes me a true cave man because I still have my first Z80 <a href="">prsoecsor</a> with 1K of hard wired RAM. Predated DOS, drives, in fact predated most things. I had to write my own assembler and then the program in assembly language, but when it worked we could see a great future in computers. Forgot to mention, this was 1980.


Ecrit par Maya le 10/12/2015 à 04h28
Deff. going to be getting it. The cgeahns dont bother me much except obi wan's weird ass call. and Vader's NOOOOOOO has always been weird in 3 and now its twice as weird. But being someone who grew up with the Prequels thts just how it is. Star Wars has different generations of fans, you just have to get past it. Obviously the original fans love the original trilogy unaltered. The next generation includes myself and we grew up on the prequels. Now there are kids growing up as the Clone Wars Gen. [url=]ljhcpuvlac[/url] [link=]yckmnilr[/link]


Ecrit par Sajith le 09/12/2015 à 20h36
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Ecrit par Potka le 04/12/2015 à 08h15
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Ecrit par flouse le 14/03/2008 à 13h56
non c'est pas pareil les blops ce sont les trucs gélatineux


Ecrit par LolNoob le 07/03/2008 à 01h23
C'est pareil.


Ecrit par gege37 le 14/10/2007 à 11h13
c'est pas un blob mais une larve(comme tu la dit)

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