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Le Maître Des Tornades [ 7 ]
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par darklink le 10/02/2008

Tout d'abord mettez vous sur epona puis visez avec le boomerang derrière vous; quand il revient, avant qu'il vous touche, accélérez avec epona, la tornade vous suivra et attaquera tous les ennemies.

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7 commentaire(s)


Ecrit par Natalia le 14/12/2015 à 02h44
Metroid! Bionic Commando and Goonies II could also be great, whatever you have the time and engery for.Your writing inspired me to pick up Castlevania on Virtual Console, which was more demanding than most games I've played lately and really satisfying. I even beat the game, which is more than I can say for young me. When I was little, I thought the holy water looked wimpy and I never noticed that it could stun bosses, so I don't think I ever got past Frankenstein's monster. [url=]twtmkdlaxbv[/url] [link=]rpcgwjvcbwy[/link]


Ecrit par Juninho le 12/12/2015 à 07h58
- I am loving your<a href=""> veiorsn</a> of the project life/ 365 idea. I purchased the original Project 365 kit in 2009 and did pretty good up until about May and then it went down hill fast LOL, I then purchased Becky's kit for 2010 but then didn't even start it and so far I haven't done a good job on the 2011 kit I bought once again. But I love the diffent page protector's you are using and would love to incorporate some of those in to my albums that eventually I will get started with LOL. Take Care and thanks for sharing.


Ecrit par Mambukab le 10/12/2015 à 04h27
I vote for Zelda. I hope your long-term list includes Yoshi's Island.I think these arlietcs are wonderful, by the way, and I would love to see you (and the others) bring some of the same, careful analysis, detailed to modern games at 1up. I would love to see this kind of long-form, in-depth (and spoiler-filled) analysis applied to current games with innovative and interesting designs. There are tons of possibilities, but Mario Galaxy would be a natural place to start. These features are far more interesting than simple review, which is just supposed to help you decide whether or not to buy something, and which have to steer clear of any spoilers. These kinds of arlietcs can give you a much better appreciate of what a game is trying to do, so you actually enjoy the experience of playing more.Anyway, great job, is the point. Also, are you ever going to review Xenoblade? [url=]hglaomzvh[/url] [link=]asekkhpitz[/link]


Ecrit par Dede le 09/12/2015 à 20h35
YEEESSS. This is awesome all of it. You just need <a href="">anehtor</a> stuffed Nintendo figure/doll so you can play your own real version of Super Smash Bros. Which LoZ game are you thinking about replaying? Wind Waker? That music reminded me that I need to play Skyward Sword. I'm waiting for the right time sometimes I like to save an experience until I feel like it's what I need.And good luck on the competition.[]


Ecrit par Yohana le 04/12/2015 à 07h05
The following will sound far more crcitial than I intend. I enjoyed myself, though Nintendo's marketing may have set my expectations too high.I found the music rather simplistic in contrast to more intricate and complex Final Fantasy orchestral series (e.g. Distant Worlds), especially with the so-called symphony . There was a pinch of cleverness in the arranging (I suppose you could call that being faithful ), but the score didn't exploit what a full symphony can offer. In a way, the complexity of the Goddesses music reminded me of the Final Fantasy piano collections with occasional surprises but essentially a recapitulation. There were some great things going on, and, as you said, having a quality performing group really helps (in my case, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra). Having said that, I found the Zelda concert far better produced and visually coordinated than the Final Fantasy series.The Final Fantasy concerts may have spoiled me, as I frequently found myself annoyed with the lack of concert etiquette. With PLAY!, they intentionally encourage people to cheer and don't take themselves seriously; with Distant Worlds, the audience maintains composure between sections and themes. But with Symphony of the Goddess, people whooped and hollered, as if to say Hey, I recognize that theme! rather than I love this part! (these are arrangements, not covers).This may have been the first concert for several people in the audience, and I've always felt that symphonic versions of video game music provide a great gateway to classical music. Symphony of the Goddesses is a fine tribute to the Zelda series overall, but there certainly are areas for improvement.


Ecrit par Manucyan le 03/03/2009 à 23h58
Merci pour cette technique note : ca marche aussi avec le boomerang ds wind waker ^^avec le bateau


Ecrit par wyl-expert le 15/04/2008 à 08h53
efficace pour étourdir les monstre ^^!

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