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100 multi-man Melee un peu plus facile [ 9 ]
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par Blink le 16/07/2008

Si vous galérez vraiment au "100 multi-man Melee", il y a une technique :
Prenez DK (si c'est votre perso fétiche c'est encore mieux) puis dès le début de l'épreuve, mettez vous tous en bas et faites l'attaque Bas+B pour qu'il frappe le sol indéfiniment. Vous éliminerez beaucoup d'ennemis mais il se peut que certains d'entre eux vous touchent donc replacez vous et recommencez.

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9 commentaire(s)


Ecrit par nmatvkc le 09/12/2012 à 21h54
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Ecrit par ivpihdpuywg le 05/12/2012 à 10h24
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Ecrit par tvdttygv le 04/12/2012 à 21h06
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Ecrit par Ilhamjafar le 02/12/2012 à 11h46
The sound still echoed in my ears. You know, like when soonmee memorable, perhaps that smokin' secretary that never talks to you at work, actually gives you the time of day for once, and your brain just puts it on auto-repeat without asking you for permission? Maybe that is just me. But it was what my brain was doing now: Processing the memory again and again, trying to make sense of it, trying to fit it into my understanding of the real, but returning an error message, every time. I stared down at the shaggy, grey little thing that sat, tail wagging excitedly, at my feet. I stared down at the animal. The animal that had moved its mouth, and words, ENGLISH WORDS, had come out. Or so my memory kept trying to tell me. My mind argued fervently that it had to be wrong. There had to be a mistake. It moved its lips again. It was not the way a dog moves its lips. I knew what that looked like. This was different; terribly, horrifyingly different. They pursed, they came together, and they billowed out. They made complex (complex!) movements. More English words came out. I did not even hear them, this time. My mind rejected them. All I heard was a series of rumbling moans, like the sound you hear when you set the speed too slow on your video player. I was in shock. I watched as the floor came rising up to meet me. I saw my living room bounce up once, twice, and then settle flat. Now I saw it sitting sideways. The left side of my vision was my shag carpet, alone. Blackness started creeping into the edges of it. Was this the darkness that hovered around our reality? I wondered. Had this atrocity of the logical, this slap-to-the-face of the knowable, finally punched a hole in some unseen, protective barrier that kept our quaint, safe little reality apart from the things that dwelt beyond? Had I been brought somewhere? Had I been transported somewhere terrible? Somewhere true? The shaggy, slobbering little herald of darkness stood over me now. I smelled its rancid breath, felt its sharp teeth, as it placed its mouth over mine. Then its breath was inside of me; once, twice, three times. Now its head pressed against my chest. The darkness moved in. Soon, all I could see was a tiny speck of light. The only thing in it, the last thing I saw before the light went forever dark, was that tiny, slobbering herald of my doom.HERE LIES SMALLPENCIL, LOVING FATHER. THANKS FOR THE DOG, DAD. SORRY ABOUT YOUR HEART!


Ecrit par Oni-Link le 09/02/2011 à 19h44
Pareil avec Mewtwo et sa boule.


Ecrit par Linking13 le 02/12/2008 à 19h18
copieur de pseudo và ^^


Ecrit par sheikah le 05/10/2008 à 15h46
lol je la connais depuis sa sortie de ssbm cette astuce ^^


Ecrit par Kader le 29/08/2008 à 23h25
au faite la technique est super utile mais au bout d'un moment les fils de fer deviennent moins con alors il nous font des attaque aerienne


Ecrit par Mentalink le 27/08/2008 à 13h42
Bof, quand je le fait ya toujours un moment ou je me prend une bo-bomb

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