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par gglink le 19/10/2006

Prenez un pot, sautez grâce a la plume et appuyez sur X quand vous êtes en l'air et là, vous pourrez voler dans les airs!

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10 commentaire(s)


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Ecrit par Dasia le 18/05/2016 à 12h29
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Ecrit par Augustina le 17/05/2016 à 14h16
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Ecrit par Emily le 16/05/2016 à 18h40
Maxine, you dear Nanna! Of course, you're probably age wise more like a big sister to me! Anyhow, yes the PA Dutch country is beautiful. We still visit often. And God's grace is always suiicffent. God has brought me through and continues to lead!


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Ecrit par hahcuvcmg le 06/12/2012 à 01h31
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Ecrit par hahcuvcmg le 06/12/2012 à 01h31
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Ecrit par leyjzfcb le 03/12/2012 à 19h05
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Ecrit par Mariana le 02/12/2012 à 17h45
Thank you Morrion Berg for your 18 plus years of service at the UW Madison Arboretum. You gave more than hard work driung your years of service, you shared your innovations for making work more efficient for others, you gave your heart, sincere smile and your genuine love for keeping the Arboretum so neatly kept for everyone to enjoy. I am sure your kindred spirit is truly missed. Enjoy your retirement as you continue to give of yourself and services to those who need you in your community! — Sandy Smith

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