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Ecrit par edna le 03/07/2012 12h03
True Beberoni. You wont be able to buy anything or even get money out of the bank as it will shut down atulosbely everything!!! If you want to try it out on a small scale, go into a 7-11 or any Convenience Store and when the ring up the sale, give them the amount so that you will get back like a whole dollar instead of change. This happend to me once and the fellow had cleared the register before looking to see what I got back and it took paper and pencil to give me back the correct change which was 1.00. Amazing because making change is the easiest thing in the world to do without mistakes.

Ecrit par ecolwdfo le 04/07/2012 03h07
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Ecrit par Aileen le 18/09/2012 23h34
Thanks for being on point and on taergt!

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Ecrit par ilkioxtk le 21/09/2012 18h22
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