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Ecrit par Zby39link le 19/02/2010 12h24
baah ten pis, sa te fais quand même un secret en + :P

Ecrit par Zby39link le 27/01/2010 16h35
Trop bien, gg pr l'avoir trouver sui-ci !

Ecrit par Linking13 le 07/02/2010 12h10
Je précise quand même que je ne l'ai pas trouvé, et que j'ai juste pris d'une vidéo de Youtube (vidéo que je ne retrouve pas). J'avais précisé tout ça dans le secret au moment de le poster (avec le lien de la vidéo, même) mais apparemment, Bu a du virer tout ça, 'sais pas pourquoi =/

Ecrit par Theoss le 28/05/2010 23h32
Sa marche sur wii ??

Ecrit par Devi le 18/09/2012 10h10
And there we have another one of the roaness why I couldn't stand it in Portland. I remember when the police couldn't be bothered to bust the Russian car theft rings running amok, or sent forms to robbery and burglary victims so that Vera Katz could claim that the crime rate was going down after the victims just threw them out. However, they were all over any case of gang-related activity, which always meant a group of more than two people displaying more melanin than Edgar Winter. Forget the Keep Portland Weird stickers: when are we going to see the Keep Portland White ones?Please don't think I'm being flippant about this. Strangely enough, living in Dallas for as long as I have causes me to be even more sickened by this report than you are. After thirty years of riots, protests, displays, and gradual communication, anybody in the Dallas police force dumb enough to authorize something like this, or by omission allow this to happen, would probably have five minutes to clear out his desk before someone sicced the dogs on him.

Ecrit par rnsfpt le 18/09/2012 22h48
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Ecrit par zkejkgd le 19/09/2012 21h23
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Ecrit par trjlovdf le 20/09/2012 11h24
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Ecrit par ytiiwjjkr le 22/09/2012 05h40
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Ecrit par Oni Linka le 03/10/2013 16h21
Es que ca marche sur wii?^ ^

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