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Ecrit par Leticia le 09/03/2013 08h31
When they were in public scoolhs they came home and did their homework, after homework was done they could go play (as long as it was away from the ones that still had homework)With them being home schooled I give the assignments and if they don't get them done before school time is over they have to do it for homework, but they normally do it at their Lunch time/Free time that way they have more time to play.Thanks for the chance to win

Ecrit par Nabilah le 09/03/2013 18h05
Ha! I always thuoght that moon was creepy! I guess I could always look at the clock and try to comprehend the actual time (come on, Clock Town time is a little screwy, being on only 3 days and all ). That way, I'll be more awake. XP

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