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Encore des ressemblances avec OOT

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Ecrit par nelly18 le 01/03/2008 15h16
C'est vrai ke se sont les meme musiks.

Ecrit par linking13 le 01/03/2008 18h51
ya ossi un chant avec le loup dorée que c'est le chant de l'apaisement...mais ça c'est une ressemblance avec MM...

Ecrit par Linking13 le 08/11/2008 14h36
quand je pense que " Midna Twilight Fan " c'était mon ancien pseudo, aujourd'hui, je rigole xD

Ecrit par Christian le 04/12/2015 07h03
Not really sure what to say about this game it's one of the most bornig games I have ever played in my life, with no clear sense of direction or what you're supposed to do. You start up the game, and you walk around, and there's absolutely no indication of what you should do. You talk to a few people, you get on a horse, and then you just go around and explore things. Not much to explore, either. They give you some vague task like close up the ranch , with absolutely no indication of how to do that. After about 2 hours of walking around and accomplishing absolutely nothing, I looked up some online hints for this game, and I could see why I couldn't figure anything out. It's because there's no LOGIC associated with any of the tasks in this game. You would never be able to figure out these things on your own, without somebody guiding you through them. [...]. If you have a TREMENDOUS amount of time on your hands and like reading online hint booklets, maybe this game is for you. Instead, I would recommend saving your money and purchasing an outstanding adventure game like Zack Wiki instead.

Ecrit par Leo le 09/12/2015 20h34
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Ecrit par Vishal le 10/12/2015 04h27
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Ecrit par Panji le 12/12/2015 07h58
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Ecrit par Erin le 14/12/2015 02h44
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