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La paix dans le colosse du dsert

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Ecrit par gglink le 19/10/2006 16h55
jé changer de pseudo maintenant je m'appelle gglink

Ecrit par Esmeralda le 03/07/2012 22h48
I feel betrayed by zelda uersnive .. really really betrayed . HOW DARE they call themselves zelda lovers make this site as pretty as you want if your going to go and say that a new comer is better then that whom has survived this long is better i am sorry i have no interrest i am staying true to zelda forever . sigh unless somone came in and hacked this site i would say all is forgiven but if not . well i am off to zelda dungion toodles

Ecrit par qtfspz le 04/07/2012 04h16
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Ecrit par prkyeew le 06/07/2012 03h10
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Ecrit par nyatvvgc le 06/07/2012 07h47
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