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Diffrence de prix au jeu de bombes

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Ecrit par javaux le 01/09/2007 14h16
goron => 30 => 1/4 de coeur dans le coffre

Ecrit par LinkOsa le 25/08/2008 15h01
javaux: non sa c'est la chasse au trésor ! là on parle des magasin de bombes

Ecrit par Auth le 03/12/2012 19h26
Congratulations on your retirement, Carolyn Culp! I have ralley enjoyed working with you. You are so friendly, helpful, and capable! The U. Station building always looks very clean and organized and whenever we have an emergency spill you always take care of it immediately and with a smile.I hope that you thoroughly enjoy your retirement, and please come back and visit us! â Barbara Soderling

Ecrit par Cecy le 03/12/2012 20h18
He's me second firvoate character in the game, besides Link, who is DAMN fine if I may say. I always looked forward to crossing down the field to have him come runnin' in yelling hey hey! This game took me about 2 weeks to beat. I'd stay up untill 6 in the morning at times cuz it's so addictive. But I had a wee crush on Link and felt sad to leave him haha. Loser? So I've been told. lol

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