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Ecrit par Tony-san le 28/04/2007 เ 09h16
C'est pas comme ca que l'on fait?!

Ecrit par Romina le 02/12/2012 เ 11h49
Barron. Mrs. Harris was jogging at a slow meatodichl pace to make sure that all the guys would notice. “She’s a rather attractive woman, fit, and how well she fills out that sports bra. Just look at the shape of those …”“Barron! I’m not interested in discussing Mrs. Harris. Mindy is all I need and I don’t need to have an image of some other woman jogging in my mind.”Barron lay on the floor and looked up at me with his brown dog eyes. “My apologize Master. I did not mean to suggest that you and your wife would ever…well, you know.”“It’s alright. Good boy,” I said while patting Barron’s head. He wagged his tail.“That would be the best for the kids anyway. I’m sure the two of you need all the help you can get raising those little devils.” Barron sat back up and turned towards me. “Sarah is turning into an extraordinary young woman. She has the eyes of all the young gentlemen. In fact, just this last weekend she went on a date.”I gave Barron a curious look.“She has you fooled now, doesn’t she? You know how she was supposed to go to a church slumber party last Saturday? She didn’t. I saw her walk down the street wearing a jacket to cover up her little cute outfit and wait for her date to pick her up.”“How do you know these things?” I asked.“I heard her talking on the phone one night. Told her friend Amanda that she was going on a date and that she fooled you and Mindy. Tricked you into thinking that she was going to an all girls slumber party at the church.” Barron circled three times before finding a comfortable position on the floor. “Don’t worry too much. She ended staying the night with Amanda.”“I’m not worried. Amanda’s mom told us what happened.” I scratched behind Barron’s ear. “It happens that church is starting a city renovation project and they need volunteers. Sarah has the next three weeks of her summer vacation free and gladly volunteered herself after mom and I had a conversation with her about her slumber party.”

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Ecrit par Squirrel le 09/07/2013 เ 14h03
Pas besoin de se transformer en Mojo, en fait.

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