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Le buisson qui étais relié au paneau

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Ecrit par ADÊM le 24/06/2012 à 02h49
Ouais, mais c'est à quel endroits où "le buisson qui étais relier au panneau"?? Mais (il paraît) que quand on utilise la cape de roc et l'épée sur le buisson, le panneau explose....!!

Ecrit par Ricky le 04/12/2015 à 07h34
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Ecrit par Eleh le 09/12/2015 à 20h35
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Ecrit par Mario le 10/12/2015 à 04h27
This is really cool! But here's what I also found out about OoT:There are a few veirosns of the game and they were to fix some of the glitches that you showed us. Here are the veirosns so everyone knows which glitches work on which version:Version 1.0This is the Japanese version for Nintendo 64. It was also released in North America at launch date and was available for a short while afterward. Most of them were released on Gold Carts; however, there are some Grey Carts of V1.0 as well, which are very rare. This is the only version with a brighter N logo in the startup. Version 1.1This version started being produced in North America shortly after V1.0. These are also somewhat rare. The fishing rod glitch which could make Link use items on Epona was fixed. Also the pause, save, reset trick used in the final battle to make Link swordless no longer works. Version 1.2This version was produced in North America and Europe quite a while after V1.1. It is the most common version, and the most heavily edited. The glitches removed in V1.1 are still gone, Ganondorf's blood has been changed from red to green, and Nintendo removed the original Fire Temple chant. Version 2.0This was the GameCube version of the game, released in 2003 as a bonus disc for those who pre-ordered The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. The Zelda GameCube bundle also uses this version, as does the Wii Virtual Console release. Some things in the game have been further changed in all regions since V1.2, including the removal of the original Gerudo Symbol, which also has similarities to Islam. The Virtual Console edition seems to be based on this. Hope this helped out. [url=]taueeeakvxq[/url] [link=]aecfeptiqqe[/link]

Ecrit par Amin le 12/12/2015 à 07h58
Well Mike Definitely love these Tricks & Glitches videos. Worth<a href=""> kenipeg</a> up.On a side note, I just seen the new 3DS version of Ocarina of Time and what a fuckload of disappointment. It's basically the exact same game rehashed out to make a quick buck in between their next big game. It's a big middle finger to the fans! They may have smoothed out a lot of block like texture and added design to the backgrounds and such, but as far as I am concerned they basically pulled a Resident Evil Directors cut. OUUUU New camera angles, item, and enemy placement. Big deal. Yes I have seen the Master Quest, that is exactly what I mean. Things like major chunks of the background still look polygon or flat based. The stairs are still as flat as an ants tits. If they were going to rework some things why not everything. I guess I am nitpicking, but when you take games like the first Resident Evil and revamp it like they did with the gamecube, I would expect something similar done here. Everyone has to remember Ocarina of Time was released during the early days of the N64. It was a bit rough. With all the handheld Zelda games why couldn't they have just made a separate new game altogether.

Ecrit par Dhaval le 14/12/2015 à 02h44
Thanks Mike, I didn't know many of these glitches. Gonna try them out semitome! Does anyone know if they work on the PAL version as well? (The only one I did know was the infinite skulltulas -glitch, but I used to perform it in another hole, one in hyrule field, near the entrance to gerudo valley if I remember correctly) Anyway, I have a glitch of my own that I've never heard anyone mention before. It's not so much a glitch as it is an annoying game-design flaw actually.. If you forget/skip going to the giant fairy (the one that gives you the fire-spell, outside the castle) and then go directly to the Temple of Time to grow up , you wont be able to finish the game because you need the fire-spell in the wood-temple in order to unfreeze the eye that you need to shoot with an arrow. And you can't go back and get it since Shiek is blocking the thing you put your sword in, in order to go back in time. So you're sort of stuck in time Happened to me once when I was trying a speedrun, but I won't make that mistake again!Thanks again! Great video, great game. (despite of the glitches)/kc [url=]zzghchls[/url] [link=]ulhpog[/link]

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