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Ecrit par Maya le 02/12/2012 ΰ 11h21
Mirza, my poodle. His bisigamt murderer father, I might add. I clutch my heart and whisper, How do you know that's my ex-husband? I've seen that photo you keep in your bookshelf- the one you hide in your Lonely Planet Guide'. I must say, I envy him for his piercings. And that Nepalese tattoo on his forehead. And that Guatemalan tattoo on his I hear the ‘Clang’ of a vessel fall and I’m falling too, as in a bad dream, spinning into oblivion. I’m falling down thirteen floors, I’m dying ******I wake up in a private room at the Bellevue Hospital Centre. My nurse tries to convince me that I fainted in my kitchen from low blood pressure although I’m sure I fell out of the window. I argue vehemently. I’m awake for two hours before Safi walks in. Five years in jail haven’t done him much harm. He retains not only the pink scar on his wrist but also those cosy shoulders, biceps covered in tattoos, and his iron chest, which is hidden under a peach bush-shirt. Wild hair has grown over his lips and on his chin like bristles.He takes hesitant steps towards my bed. Wordlessly, he unbuttons his shirt and reveals the biggest tattoo on his chest- the outline of a red heart with black script: Aisha.I close my eyes and against my will, a tear rolls down.I want to hiss, “Why are you back?” Instead, I say, “Mirza can talk.”“Who is Mirza, my sweet?”“Zamil's poodle!” “Aisha,” he sighs, “I heard about your road accident in Tokyo. Post-trauma hallucinations are normal ”I don’t hear the rest of his speech. My mind reels back to 1995, when I first met Safi. I’m the daughter of Jamal al Din, a real estate mogul in Upper East Side. Our family also owned a mid-sized travel agency. I started out as a tour guide and rose to managing director. Ours was not a conservative family and I never wore a burka. I spent my twenties in gusto rushing from Amazon to Alps. Until Abba discovered my secret marriage to a tattoo artist. After five years, he forgave me and funded for our apartment but then Safi got implicated in a lengthy court battle and was convicted for killing his lover, Rosa. I returned to Abba and Ammi with Zamil, my ten-month old son. I swore that Zamil should never meet Safi.“Why meet Zamil at Barnes and Noble?” I ask. “I introduced him to Mirza Ghalib. I want Zamil to be well read. I don’t want him to repeat his father’s mistakes.” I can feel the moisture in his eyes. “Zamil is very lonely, Aisha. You don’t understand how much he ”I want to listen but all I can think is- Am I going mad? Why did I hear Mirza talking? Was it a hangover, a hallucination or psychosis?

Ecrit par Peter le 05/12/2012 ΰ 09h09
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Ecrit par Kayleigh le 16/05/2016 ΰ 19h20
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Ecrit par Hester le 17/05/2016 ΰ 07h48
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Ecrit par Mahalia le 17/05/2016 ΰ 14h18
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Ecrit par Mikel le 19/05/2016 ΰ 15h21
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