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Ecrit par Christophe le 18/09/2012 09h51
And there we have another one of the reoanss why I couldn't stand it in Portland. I remember when the police couldn't be bothered to bust the Russian car theft rings running amok, or sent forms to robbery and burglary victims so that Vera Katz could claim that the crime rate was going down after the victims just threw them out. However, they were all over any case of gang-related activity, which always meant a group of more than two people displaying more melanin than Edgar Winter. Forget the Keep Portland Weird stickers: when are we going to see the Keep Portland White ones?Please don't think I'm being flippant about this. Strangely enough, living in Dallas for as long as I have causes me to be even more sickened by this report than you are. After thirty years of riots, protests, displays, and gradual communication, anybody in the Dallas police force dumb enough to authorize something like this, or by omission allow this to happen, would probably have five minutes to clear out his desk before someone sicced the dogs on him.

Ecrit par Vanila le 21/09/2012 06h23
Sitting on the front porch watching the sun go down with my dog used to be one of my fitarove things to do in the world. Now it seems almost more exhausting at times than really any other part of the day. Today, Jake was telling me all about the cars that went by our house. This was typical of him considering he is a dog. Blue Corvette. That's nice! I would totally chase that. Irritating as ever. I would have thought that with the ability to talk you would have become a little bit smarter. He looked towards me. He was a medium sized Golden Retriever that could have passed off as any other normal dog except for some reason i was able to hear him speak. You know John, dogs are supposed to be man's best friend. You aren't making this very easy for me. Since when were dogs so sarcastic? Whatever happened to loyal' or quiet' for that matter? The dog began laughing, which seemed seriously odd. Almost nightmarish in a sense. Ever since he started speaking to me, i had been drinking more and more alcohol as of late, trying to blame this obscure occurrence on valid substance. It wasn't exactly working well, and it was beginning to affect my family life. Hey! Hey, John! To make it worse, the dog had a habit of constantly talking'. What! What do you want from me! I turned towards Jake to find he had a ball in his mouth. You want to play fetch now, huh? The idea of getting rid of the dog was extremely tempting, but the wife and kids would never be okay with it. The dog nodded its head. Fwogh mwuh bagh! Don't talk with your mouth full. THROW MY BALL!! He spit out the tennis ball. The dog looked as if he was barking, except words were coming out. Never had i realized exactly how demanding canines were until a couple months ago. Alright, fine- YAAAY! Silently, I mumbled curses to myself. Best to wear him out some so he goes to sleep. Maybe then i could get some peace and quiet. Chucking the tennis ball across the yard, i can see Jake sprint after it and through some of the garden, wrecking some of my wife's fitarove flowers. Jeez I tried to just close my eyes and drift off into an alternate reality. One that seemed way more realistic than the one i was in now. When i opened my eyes. Jake was sitting back on the front porch with a bag in his mouth. What's that Jake? Muhrf. Not exactly the smartest dog. Give it here, buddy. The bag looked like it was full of white crystals. It was ziploc of course. What Meth, the dog repeated, confident in his duty as a pet, I found it. It smells like your wife. Your palm found its way to your forehead almost immediately. What!? There's no way your wife was a junkie! It just wasn't possible. Maybe she was selling it? No. Jake What? You know I'm right.

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