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Ecrit par ADÊM le 04/07/2012 21h09
Mais?? Mais?? Pourquoi, pourquoi, (8) rouleaux d'épéistes + (3) rouleaux d'épéistes supplémantaires????

Ecrit par Francielle le 09/03/2013 07h43
Yes My oldest son is in Football for his mdlide school team,my mdlide son is in choir.And I have a son that is in pre-school and he isnt in anything yet,but he sees his big brothers doing what they do and he is talking about how he wants to play Football like bubby,so that is what he will probably choose to do.My boys are all very artistic (they take after mommy,LOL) and they are all in art classes after school at the Waldren Art Center here in our town.So winning this would be GREAT for my boys Thank you.

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