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Je vous remerci.

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aloud as she walks into the kitchen nontig each room she passes is reflective of her families’ hasty exit for their respective days activities. “I’m home!” She calls out just in case to the quiet of the house. “Anyone?”She opens the fridge to grab a bottle of water and remembers the puppy. Oh crap she thinks as she runs to the mudroom. Oliver is sitting soundless and regal in his crate while looking up through the ventilation slats. He’s just as cute as the day they brought him home ten months before. “Poor baaaby!” Joan exclaims as she unlatches the door and he walks out stretching each leg as he moves with his little Pomeranian yawn.“Come on Ollie, come on baby.” Joan says to him as she makes her way to the door leading to the backyard. “Outside.” She holds the door open for him to go out and just as he gets to the frame, he stops to release a widening puddle that glistens from the outside sun. “Oliver!” She yells at him with frustration and rubs his nose in it. “ Bad boy, bad dog!!” She rises to grab paper towels from the holder above the washing machine while thinking about how much the kids had wanted and begged for him. Of course, she was the one to take care and clean up after him. Suddenly she stops and stares as Oliver sits up while cocking his head side to side. “I really hate when you do that.” Oliver states matter of factly. Joan stands stunned with the towels still in her hand as Oliver wipes a paw to his nose.“I couldn’t hold it anymore and then you want to rub my face in it? Gross!” He says bringing his snout up haughtily.“I’m sorry?” Joan replies meekly.“I was in there forever and diin’t know when anyone would come get me. I heard you calling out and knew you would hurry cuz they don’t care.” Joan is now strangely aware that she isn’t afraid and bends down to take him outside so he could finish his business. Oliver jumps up on the pool lounge where Joan is waiting for him and rests his chin on her lap. “I don’t like when you watch me potty too.” He says still hurt.“You know, your puppies pee out the windows and you don’t rub their faces in it, I at least try to go outside.” He now boasts very childlike. “Oh Oliver, my big boy. I didn’t realize. I am truly sorry” “They put me in a box and slide me down the stairs, which is scary.” His eyes bulge, as the busybody in him grows excited. “They make me wait to potty and eat when only your home”“Reeeally” Joan says with collaborative triumph. “I think we are going to make a great team Ollie.”

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