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Ecrit par Zby39link le 09/10/2009 22h21
Super ton secret ! (si ca marche sa claque mais un peu flipant :) )

Ecrit par Valencia le 09/03/2013 06h01
Honestly, the game Shadow of the Colossus is a great game visually and you ride a horse in it the enrtie game. I'm not sure if it was made for any other systems except the PS2 though and I also don't know what system you have Another game where you do a decent amount of horse-riding is Gun and that was made for several systems.

Ecrit par Fudzhichynqk le 11/03/2013 11h40
acw215079I totally agree. It's obviuos that people are running out of good ideas (and logical thinkers for that matter) in today's world. How long has it been since Hollywood made a good movie that wasn't based on a book or a superhero? And with the 3DS (which I refuse to buy for lack of gameboy playability) all the games out for it are remakes and spin-offs. I thought Zelda would be different, but I guess not. Hopefully Skyward Sword will make up for Twilight Princess's failure in presenting us with a different puzzle each time we play. And I would much rather play an interesting 16-bit game than a dull game with amazing graphics.Oh yeah, why does everyone say black ops has amazingly realistic graphics? Have they ever even looked OUTSIDE? Black ops looks like a friken cartoon, nowhere near real life. You want a game with realistic graphics? Try getting A LIFE. Rumors say that has amazing graphics.

Ecrit par ettzsnsqkzh le 12/03/2013 19h49
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Ecrit par ettzsnsqkzh le 12/03/2013 19h49
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Ecrit par hero of time le 24/06/2013 17h43
qu'est ce que je fais la

Ecrit par Oni Linka le 06/12/2013 15h16
WAAOOOUUUUH!!! trop fort ce secret!O.o g tout vu dans ma tête et c'est impressionnant!!!

Ecrit par Johnpatrick le 04/12/2015 07h43
One memorable theme= Fib4s theme. You want ateohnr one? Fine, the sky one and I can keep going, the soundtrack of this game is amazing! This game is not the hardest but it does require good effort, and I have 17! Children are good for videogames so it is no surprise your little 6 year old nephew could beat it, my sister beat it too (but not in 3 days). The fact that he beat it in 3 days means that he should have been having some damn fun with it since this game is about 30 hours long!

Ecrit par Makori le 09/12/2015 20h37
I can't see your I can't see your face in this video but you have to be a chink. Only a chink would do this. Go do some karate and eat some General Tso's

Ecrit par Shaki le 10/12/2015 04h29
i'ts George's movie and he can change it anwyay he wants. I'f you don't like the new updates the go and watch and older version or if not shut the hell up! He put his blood, sweat, and tears into each of these movies! And even though he made some mistakes,'cough, Jar-Jar cough' there still the closest to perfect science fiction movies ever made! Any who trolls him for that needs to get there pubes stuck in the chain of an active chainsaw! [url=]znasaias[/url] [link=]tiumdmkok[/link]

Ecrit par Abiehh le 12/12/2015 08h01
Tu maeetrises beaucoup mieux le truc que <a href="">depius</a> Dragon Ball Evolution c est inde9niable, et cette nouvelle vide9o le prouve une fois de plus.Il manque juste un truc : REGARDE L OBJECTIF DE LA CAMERA ! Bon et de9gofbte9 que e7a soit pas Naruto mais classe quand meame =P

Ecrit par Allan le 14/12/2015 02h47
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