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Ecrit par pascal le 14/04/2010 16h33
Ho vu sur la photho on an dirais un vrais.

Ecrit par Patil le 04/12/2015 05h49
I never quite understood popeles' fascination with collecting every single game of a certain series; I mean, you're never gonna have a BS Link cib are you? That being said, I still think it's pretty cool even though I think it's a waste of money (I mean even if you give it to your kid one day, what's he gonna do, sell it to a pawn shop for beer/drug/whore money when he's in college!) Anyway, do you have any plans to collect any of the zelda clones such as Golden Axe Warrior, the Neutopias, Secret Quest, et alia?

Ecrit par Olajide le 09/12/2015 20h32
nul doute que je l'ache8terai.. meame si les graph sentent le non-HD .. au moins e7a<a href=""> reblanitisera</a> la Wii que j'ai du utiliser, bout-e0-bout, 3 mois sur 5 ans..

Ecrit par Eoin le 10/12/2015 04h25
OH, for three year olds, i get it. and arent all games now easy as hell? and metra 2033 was fun, so last light should be. same goes for aakhrm city, and assasins creed. i saw some blood and death in aliens, same goes for ng3, and you cant honestly tell me ghost recon will be bad. [url=]dzucpu[/url] [link=]mimzkrbmuli[/link]

Ecrit par Liam le 12/12/2015 07h56
Tough to come up with a good comment.I grew up with the <a href="">edenmitaunt</a> stuff and was more/less literally kept in decent games as a means to sustain my popularity (not the best way to socially support an autie but it did keep me accepted at the lowest level), so: hello privilege my old friend, I'm afraid I'll have to acknowledge you again.Based on that upbringing, I can't really say in good conscience that I approve of playing the game rather than doing the math. But then I don't approve of the parents not actively talking with their daughter and otherwise positively supporting her. Likewise stabbing the bully-lizard isn't a sustainable long-term strategy; I can't prescribe weights, training with same, gloves, & a punchbag for everyone though, nor do those parents look like the sort who would actively seek out the bullies' parents and force a sit-down.Not sure whether the glasses' absence in the fantasy needs attention, nor if exposing the girl to Cyclops is a good approach.

Ecrit par Olmaz le 14/12/2015 02h43
I hope you feel better soon, Lorik! I know I haven't comtenmed in a long while, but I do keep up with your posts I'm glad you are finally on your long awaited/well deserved break. I hear it will not rain tomorrow. I know, it's been raining like crazy! Hope you have a wonderful time at Little Tokyo~! Take care and have a happy holiday [] [url=]lyneutxuau[/url] [link=]hhwnbv[/link]

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