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Ecrit par Lizabeth le 05/12/2011 05h08
Well madcamaia nuts, how about that.

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Ecrit par cxspipa le 06/12/2011 11h02
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Ecrit par Preta le 18/09/2012 19h35
the only thing i did not like about this game is that some items only work in their temples. For exmlpae, the spinner only works for a part in the desert temple. Same with the ball and chain; you only need it in snow, and the dominion rod only works in the temple of time and to get to the temple of sky. But even that i think twilight princess is excellent; its challenging, quick, great action and reminds u of ocarina of time

Ecrit par htjkpf le 18/09/2012 23h36
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Ecrit par dhvcqupipwh le 21/09/2012 18h07
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