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Ecrit par Fikriye le 04/12/2015 06h47
Yes, yes, I know what your thinking, Not atenhor damn meme! , and I feel ya, but thanks to Shep'o I have been tagged with this one. Here goes nothing.

Ecrit par Ashok le 09/12/2015 20h33
Could you plz put one up for the pocket <a href="">ediiton</a>? Thnx in advance (shop)!Advance shop... get it? Like from the GBC versions? Ahhhh, I explained it and now it's not that funny. =[

Ecrit par Filomena le 10/12/2015 04h25
T as deja LE meilleur jeu : Zelda !J aaiims bien Banjo & Kazooie et Perfect dark (meame si tu t en lasse vite -_- ) pute9 ca donne bien envie d y rejouer e0 tout ca ^^ [url=]lcwodots[/url] [link=]dzkiuboeqsc[/link]

Ecrit par Genilson le 12/12/2015 07h57
Also, Legend of Zelda is always a <a href=""> plzzue</a>-fest fetch-a-thon. It's called tradition. The game doesn't suck at all. I have no idea where you would get that idea, so you are either a troll or just another ignorant Youtuber, and in all honesty, I'm perfectly fine with ranting out both. Anyway, my advice to you is to stop saying ignorant things about a game that is far better than anything you could ever accomplish in life, and stop watching things you can't tolerate.

Ecrit par Tiago le 14/12/2015 02h43
You must be joking. The soatdnruck is better than just about everything any game from any system has come up with. Sure, the motion controls are annoying for some people, but part of that is because the player isn't patient enough to stop flailing around accomplishing what most of us like to call nothing . You have to realize that this game actually requires some effort to beat, and the controls just make this game more challenging, not terrible. [url=]rugohzxallo[/url] [link=]nwkiflkf[/link]

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